Welcome to South Seas Charters in Nukuʻalofa, Tonga.

Seataxi or Watertaxi

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Exclusive for South Seas Charters. The only water taxi in Nukuʻalofa, Kingdom of Tonga. Will take you anywhere you like. Any island you wish. Will wait for you or pick you up later.


a whale

South Seas Charters will take you fast and with comfort to the whales. Swim with them, snorkel or watch them from boat.

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Gamefishing, deepseafishing / sportfishing

caught fishfishing

South Seas Charters goes where the fish is. That is going fast 25—30 miles offshore to the underwater sea mountains. Once arriving at the fishing grounds you can enjoy more time doing fishing then waiting for hours if going with other boats to get to the fishing grounds. South Seas Charters has 3 national records.

underwaterhunt huntunderwater

Sea tours & deserted island taxi


South Seas Charters in Nukuʻalofa has fixed daily and overnight remote deserted island trips. Islands such as ʻEua, Kelefesia, Hungas, Tau, Kao, Tofua, Nomuka, Mango, etc. A real marine adventure.

Cruising and islandhopping


The capital Nukuʻalofa sits on the island of Tongatapu and has aprox. 15 close by islands. South Seas Charters can take you to them, fast, easy, and comfortable. It can drive you all the way to the beach. The most remote islands of Tau and Nuku are deserted and totally unspoiled.

Sea adventures

fire islands

South Seas Charters can offer the real adventure trip for the true Robinson Crusoe type of a guy or girl. Popular is the trip to the live volcano of Tofua and Kao where the “Munity on Bounty” occurred in 1789 and 3 Hollywood films have been made about it. You can climb 550 meter to the top of the live Tofua volcano or Kao volcano 1048 meter, hike, swim in the Tofua fresh water lake, snorkel, dive, fish or just walk, hike and explore the islands. A real challenging adventure trip for the brave and strong explorer.

Private contract jobs

Photography, movies, search/rescue, diving, research, exploration, or anything that is on your mind, just let us know and we will work something out.

Contact us: southseascharters@gmail.com